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Offerings from the Heart

Women’s Journey:

Women Who Run With The Wolves

A 13-week online guided journey in a small intimate group to more fully court & embody the Wild Woman archetype within. Working relationally and with the myths & stories from the book, we build bonds, heal injured instinct, increase authentic expression, develop greater connection to body, increase acceptance of self, develop sense of empowerment, + so much more! Join us, or get in touch to meet with me about this journey.

What: 13 group sessions + 2 one-on-one sessions w/ Andra

When: May 21 – November 12, 2023

Cost: $777 

Where: Zoom (live, guided group sessions) 

Bonus: 3 integration sessions after the journey ends (Dec 2023 – Feb 2024)

What’s special about this journey:

  • We work top-down (cognitive, mind-based) AND bottom-up (body-based).
  • There is a focus on integration of the material to transform daily life.

Kundalini Dance

A 7-week group journey in community via breath, movement, and sound to heal, expand, and evolve. This is an energetic process that holds the soul in trust, wisdom, connection, with deep love and allowance for all that is expressed. As the founder, Loyola Antara, says, “Kundalini Dance™ is an ecstatic embodiment practice for women and men of all ages and fitness levels. The requirement for anyone who is engaging in the practice is to have a deep desire for spiritual connection and personal transformation. If that soul longing for freedom is present, the keys that will be shared with you through this practice will have life changing results.” 

In-person groups in Greater Vancouver, BC paused until further notice.


A drop-in process being held monthly in Greater Vancouver for powerful awakening of self. We meet for 3 hours to settle in, experience, and dialogue for an integrative process. Via a playlist that elicits brainwaves in a systematic manner, we enter into an expanded state of consciousness where we begin to dream while being awake. A process of bringing the ancient into the present. We begin by simply laying down in sivasana with deep trust and surrender and stay curious to what desires to unfold in the self. 

Paused until further notice. Please get in touch about other ways to connect.

Mothering Ourselves Whole

A hybrid journey with self-paced material supported by weekly group processes.  

This is a deeper level of work for the women who are ready. We explore the 4 major archetypes, experiential processes, with support from others undergoing the same journey to share insights, wisdom, support, inspiration, & belonging.

What: 8 week hybrid journey of self-paced material + live guided group Zoom sessions

When: TBA

Cost: $200 (special price for 1st time offering)

Where: Zoom (live guided sessions + self-paced material)

Bonus: lots of materials to keep you busy for the next 6 months!

What’s special about this journey:

  • It is a hybrid journey of self-paced material + live guided sessions.
  • We plot four archetypes as we work with our monthly cycle & various other feminine-based practices to learn to mother ourselves in good ways.

1:1 Integration Work

Integration Work is for people looking to synthesize the highs & lows of spiritual awakening, mystical experiences, & altered states of consciousness that have left them feeling fearful as massive changes are happening to them.  

I find my work to be unique, because:

  1. Not enough people are doing integration work, which is sooo important if we don’t want to fall into spiritual bypassing. This work is so important for continued development of relationships to self, other, planet, and the cosmos so that we can ground & allow the insights we receive to transform our daily lives.
  2. I blend experiential body-based play-work (some are mystical in nature) with cognitive food to help the egoic structure re-structure in a healthy manner.
  3. I come to this work from personal experience of spiritual awakening and spiritual emergency (you can read about my belief structure in this article here), master’s in consciousness studies, and my certificate in Transpersonal Therapeutic Counselling (transpersonal = beyond the personal; entails a sacred quality to therapy).

1:1 Integration Session

I support people to integrate the highs & lows of spiritual awakening,
mystical experiences, & altered states of consciousness.