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What is Kundalini Dance?

    Humbly welcome to a deeply transformative process of awakening.

    Kundalini Dance is a tantric shamanic dance practice that uses breath, sound, and movement. Various alchemical keys are shared to support the rising of individual and, in turn, collective consciousness. This is a truly transformational practice where we journey via a sacred alchemical dance through the chakras, focusing on one chakra per session.

    We will experience what is in us in form, story, and energy.

    As we seek to feel and surrender to what lies in the energetic bodies, we transmute old patterns and bring in more aligned ways of being to our highest potential. Participants undergo powerful shifts in consciousness during a session, yet will also experience how this practice brings powerful transformation outside of the session when one participates in the entire 7 or 8 week process. The biggest shifts take place outside of the 3-hour session and in between Kundalini Dance practices.

    Kundalini Dance utilizes:

    • the toroidal flow of energy
    • breathwork
    • creative movement
    • sound healing

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