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What is Integrative Coaching?

    Or, what does a coaching session with Andra look like?

    I define integrative coaching as dealing holistically with whole systems (i.e., the self, persons, etc.). I weave together various practices in a creative manner from a place of deep listening that is uniquely situated to each individual. This is process work. In turn, the process is grounded into daily life with explorations around possible new ways of being.

    I get asked this question a lot, and I would have hoped to have a more clear answer crafted by now. All the business/marketing people tell you that this is the most important thing, and well I just haven’t jumped on the marketing wagon yet. So, I vulnerably worry that this may impact how people reach me and my work. Yet, my work is closely tied to the feminine ways of being in this world and I find it challenging to go into masculine ways of goal-driven marketing campaigns when I see that is so imbalanced in the world. There is a strong leaning into the feminine to counteract the masculine that is so pervasive in my society.

    My work is feminine.

    The archetypal feminine-masculine polarities, which transcend gender, are a major theme.To define briefly, the feminine is being, darkness, birthing, creation, destruction, chaos, cyclical, process, spontaneous, an undifferentiated whole where no one component is more important than any other, symbolized by the circle. The masculine is becoming, penetrating, differentiated individualism, goal-directed, linear expression, doing, hierarchical values, systematic knowledge, and order. The masculine and feminine principles are perhaps the most fundamental patterns in all of life. Briefly, I see and feel them within my self in behaviour, the practices I engage with, interpersonal interactions, in humanity’s world of politics and development, and in the divine energies of the masculine and feminine that I pray to.

    So, when I say that “my work is feminine,” I want to say that it is process-based, intuitive, and highly spontaneous.

    I look at the whole of self:

    • ancestors and lineages,
    • work,
    • play,
    • emotions,
    • body and embodiment,
    • movement,
    • food,
    • energetics,
    • interpersonal relations,
    • spirituality,
    • cognitive understandings,
    • patterns,
    • behaviours,
    • and practices amongst so much more possibilities.

    Uniquely crafted

    Each of my sessions is a unique emergence of that moment. In other words, I see what there is in the present, and with that knowing I weave a process that is special for that person in that moment.

    For example, I may weave together neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), an embodiment practice and a relaxation technique from mindfulness practice. I may engage energetically via innerdance, as well. In another session, I may offer a practice to reach an altered state of consciousness! The possibilities are endless!

    My promise is that I will hold an open, curious, and loving container for unravelling and restructuring that which is being called to unravel and restructure. I will flow through a process with you organically.

    I trust that we are all uniquely situated and thus need unique approaches for transformation.

    In addition, a personalized ‘action plan’ is arrived at to further ground the insights that arose in the process.

    Get in touch! I offer a free 30 minute consultation where you can meet me and ask any questions you may have!