Shadow Self

A process that takes down walls & delivers you to a new way of being


Find the golden nuggets from the descent to the Shadow.

Journeys to the underworld are dark nights of the soul. They are fraught with challenges as we meet our shadow parts.

In our modern lives, journeys to the underworld can be catalyzed by healing work, relationships ending, career loss, feeling lost, lacking purpose, etc.

You will be guided to experience what it might be like to remove the mask, & find what’s underneath:

  • increase creativity & aliveness as you invite back lost/forgotten aspects of self
  • embody the transformation of contraction & expansion
  • reframe your journey (the beginning, middle, & ending)
  • map out the process of becoming a more whole self

These ☝️ are some of the golden nuggets you can extract from your descent.

Sense How Others Found This Workshop Supportive

Here is where you’ll find some beautiful feedback I’ve been honoured to receive about this workshop.


"I very much admire that you hold space like today. I just mean that you are very good at facilitating - it was deep, interesting and fun. I love your approach and that you INCLUDE THE BODY!! " -- S

Dear Andra, 

I would like to thank you for this workshop. It was very valuable to me and helped me release so much tension from my body.  Even though it was hard work, I felt restored afterwards. It also made me realize that I've been doing shadow work for the last few years... meeting my dark side time and again, coming back changed (even if exhausted from the work). 

I feel honoured to have participated. Thanks again, and I hope our paths will cross again. 

Much love, light and blessings. 

Lucienne from Malta ❤️

Hi Andra, 

I participated in your Descent to the underworld workshop a few days ago and I would like to share a few things.

While you were narrating the story I noticed how some parts were beautifully slowed down and others sped up, as stories usually are, but also how the movement part of the workshop reflected those rhythm changes in such a complementary way. Almost as if the pull of the narration elements pace was so natural to the story & its multitude of symbolic offerings that it made itself alive through the movement section. It helped me feel the experience of listening at the beginning.

Another thing I enjoyed overall was how well thought-out the workshop was. There is just something deeply satisfying in making it circular and connecting everything, from the introduction - story itself - items collections - movement section and repetition - cocoon - coming out - just embodying the story. Also the movement itself being spiral made it feel kind of fractaly, if that makes sense.

You were able to hold a safe field with a group of strangers throughout this workshop. It was just the right amount of safe vs. inviting of deeper psyche.

Thank you for offering it,


Hi dear, I'm Andra. I am a therapist, healer, & change-maker. And, the facilitator here.

I support individuals to integrate the highs & lows of really far-out experiences like spiritual awakenings, mystical experiences, & insights from altered states of consciousness which may come about spontaneously or from spiritual practice.

My work is experiential, process-based, embodied, systemic, transpersonal, trauma-informed, & relational.

This Workshop Will Help You -

We look at the myth of Inanna's Descent to the Underworld to visit her sister Ereshkigal.

We can be initiated by old stories. We can weave meaning back into lives that feel meaningless.

Using a teaching story, we learn to consciously descend into our shadow selves
when the calling becomes too great to ignore.

Secret One

We look at the myth of Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld to visit her shadow sister Ereshkigal.


Secret Two

Using a teaching story helps us understand & reframe our own journey.


Secret Three

The teachings offered through ancient mythology provide guidance for how to live through these times. So that, we may become more resilient, wise, & embodied beings.


Secret Four

Using body, sound, & the imaginal realm, we experience a creative process based on the story of Inanna & Ereshkigal.

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