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No ordinary talking therapy

Supporting individuals to integrate the highs & lows of spiritual awakening, mystical experiences, and altered states of consciousness... especially when the process becomes scary & overwhelming.

Integration work weaves multiple modalities to support individuals who have experienced really 'far out' spiritual experiences, to find balance & comfort with their non-ordinary experiences. This work does not make these experiences as 'bad', but rather supports mystical experiencers on their healing path to integrate & embody their spiritual insights.​

Meet Andra Dediu

I support individuals to integrate the highs & lows of really far-out experiences like spiritual awakenings, mystical experiences, & insights from altered states of consciousness which may come about spontaneously or from spiritual practice.

My work is experiential, process-based, embodied, systemic, transpersonal, trauma-informed, and relational. And, I am currently preparing to publish my research on integrating spiritual emergencies within the field of Transpersonal Psychology.

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Find confidence & comfort with your 'far out' experiences

I blend western psychology with spiritual systems.


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Expert Guidance

I am a registered therapist & a researcher of spiritual crisis.

Focused Strategy

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Open up to an expanded perspective of your experiences.


Experience processes that allow for the emergence of new felt experiences, beyond 'just talking about it.'


Inviting the body’s wisdom into transformation.

How do I help You achieve success?

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Outlining Needs & Goals

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Building Strategy

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Proven Coaching for Online Business Consultants

Consult and Make Strategies for

Program Details

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Assessments of your business top to bottom and detailed business strategy

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Private coaching sessions with Kate

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Measuring KPI’s on a single dashboard

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Streamline systems and processes

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What my client says

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John Murphy

Founder & Consultant at Leon International

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Julia Keys
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Julia Keys
CEO & Founder
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Angela Hayes
Marketing Manager
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Jonathan Gate
Product Director
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Sergio Jota
Lead Manager
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Julia Keys
Founder & Owner

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