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Thursdays, August 11 – September 29, 2022

Mothering Ourselves Whole

A supported journey for greater meaning, power, purpose, acceptance, self-knowing, & confident engagement with the world for women with the four main feminine archetypes (the Virgin, Mother, Wild Woman, & the Crone).

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Reclaiming deep feminine wisdom for greater meaning, purpose, acceptance, & confidence

We move away from self-doubt, unworthiness, & exhaustion as we learn to mother ourselves in good ways through a combination of self-paced material & weekly live Zoom meetings.

Many of us have sometimes felt unloved, alone, & disconnected from the feminine line, which are patterns that are passed down through our family & society system. This is not to fault them or us, but to call things out as they are. We are not perfect. Our society is deeply hurting. We see it. We all feel it.

Many of us feel shame, guilt, and are in constant comparison for feeling not good enough or like we don’t belong.

We move through life feeling like there should be more to this process of life & living.

Feeling disconnected & alone …we constantly doubt ourselves, feel unworthy, & exhausted from feeling like we’d like to be further along than we actually are. There’s pain here.

This pain strips us of our wild & precious life.

Mothering ourselves comes from our connection to the inner feminine dynamics of flow, chaos, creativity, shadow, body-wisdom, intuition & instinct, emotional intelligence, clear communication, & the spiralic nature best illustrated circularly.

If you are curious about where to start healing your relationship with the inner feminine, this is for you.

What makes this journey unique:

We can try to stumble through this on our own. But, I so hope that you do not do this on your own.

Transformation does not need to be a lonely process.

This journey comes out of my own healing of learning to mother myself. As it is presented to you now, it has been in the making for over 3 years! By ‘in the making,’ I mean my unconscious has been mulling it over, preparing it to be presented to you.

Hi, dear one!

I’m Andra. Integrative Coach. Transformational Space Holder. Meditator. Mystic. Writer. Creator.

I support persons on their spiritual path to integrate the highs & lows of experience to arrive at a more safe & confident place.

I thrive where I blend esoteric/mystical practices with western psychology! My work is experiential, process-based, embodied, systemic, transpersonal, somatic, & relational… Basically, I have a lot of trainings in my briefcase!

This particular series came in one fell swoop one morning.

This was first piece-mealed together from what I found to be healing of my feminine side, and then refined over the course of 3 years from my continuing studies and integration. I am happy with where it is now, & this journey is ready to be birthed.

This journey is for you if:

  • You long to feel connection within a group of like-minded individuals – as if you’ve been brought together to do this magical work.
  • You are ready to embody the movements of your monthly menstrual cycle & live your life from deep inner knowing.
  • You have wounding on your mother or feminine ancestral line.
  • You have been experiencing a sense of disconnection, loss, & emotional pain.
  • You seek the inner feminine wisdom that pulses through you.
  • You are ready to more fully embody your feminine power & knowing.
  • You understand the power of nervous system regulation & the benefit of the group field, or are at least curious.
  • You are compassionate & supportive of others’ journeys.
  • You are intrigued by archetypes.

What You’ll Learn & Experience

We first contextualize the journey by discovering our own stories (Week 1). We then move into learning to skillfully connect to resources such as our monthly menstrual cycle, Mother Earth, and nervous system self-regulation practices (Weeks 2, 3, & 4). Lastly, we learn to relate to the four main archetypes (the Wild Woman, Crone, Virgin, & Mother) as parts of ourselves with which we can form fulfilling & healing relationships.


Week 1: Healing the Mother Wound

Discover the archetype of the Dark Mother so that you uncover your own stories & explore healing dialogues with your own mother.


Week 2: Moon Cycle

Delving into our cyclical nature & the connection to the four archetypes.

Week 3: The Earth Mother

Nature becomes a resource. Connect to the nature that surrounds you, so that you find another point of contact for the Mother.

Week 4: Holding Thyself to Heal

Learn self-regulation practices to support moving through emotions more skillfully.

Relating to the Archetypes:

Week 5: Embracing the Shadow

Court the Wild Woman archetype more intimately as you consciously dance with your shadow self, so that you feel more enlivened & full.

Week 6: Reclaiming Intuition

As you do the work of clearing & discernment, you more fully reclaim intuition as your court the Crone archetype more intimately.

Week 7: Embodying

Explore embodiment practices via Kundalini Dance as you rekindle your relationship to the Maiden archetype, so that life becomes more playful.

Week 8: Create

Expand the Mother archetype as you are invited to create & symbolically your own rituals & process-work. Feel supported here.

This is a journey that belongs to us all.

What’s Included

  • Lifetime access to pre-recorded material & updates.
  • 8 batches of weekly material (there’s a lot here + bonus materials).
  • 8 one-hour weekly group calls to support you as you undergo this journey (recorded).
  • 24/7 access to material to do in your own timing on a secure online learning platform.
  • Direct access to supportive community (Signal app).
  • Downloadable materials (articles, worksheets).
  • E-mail access to Andra to have your questions answered & feel uniquely supported for the duration of this 8-week journey.

How much?

$ 200 .00

(*This is a special price offering because it’s the 1st time I am offering this particular journey.)

Mothering Ourselves Whole

August 11 – September 29, 2022