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I write about integration, healing, transformation, spiritual emergency/crisis, obstacles on the spiritual path, mysticism & mystical experiences, altered states of consciousness, archetypes, embodiment, & somatic regulation.

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I want to commend you for being interested in this work. I find it takes a certain amount of grit, curiosity, & a whole lot of care. I would love to explore this work with you.

I’m Andra. Transpersonal & Body-oriented therapist. Transformational Space Holder. Meditator. Mystic. Creator.

I support individuals on their spiritual path to integrate the highs & lows of spiritual experiences & altered states of consciousness.

I thrive where I blend esoteric/mystical practices with western psychology. My work is experiential, process-based, embodied, systemic, transpersonal, somatic, trauma-informed, & relational.

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