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Integration Work – What It Is & Why It Matters

    It is no surprise that our world is undergoing massive shifts. The stars speak of it. The intellectuals speak of it. The spiritual teachers speak of it. 

    It is the question of whether the human species will survive or not.

    As we get excited about AI, we are racing towards extinction.

    Yet, there is a different way. An alternative pathway is quickly emerging, one that contradicts the mainstream narratives. One in which a collective consciousness is forming, one that embodies the knowing of spiritual interconnection; that is wise, grounded, and deeply compassionate. 

    I believe that this is why integration work matters. 

    Integration is bringing all the different parts of us into a cohesive and harmonious whole.

    We no longer need monks and nuns to live a secluded life of spirituality. We need spiritual people to be deeply embedded and integrated into society – there can no longer be a separation between what is spiritual and what is life. 

    The time has come to integrate spirituality with life.

    We need harmony and cohesion of these two elements – spirituality and life – if the human species is to survive.

    For too long we have used spirituality to escape the pain and suffering of this world. But, what would it look like if the healers, the visionaries, the peacekeepers, the wise elders came to live in society? How might they impact their communities and the larger human family and its sprint toward extinction? 

    Or, what would it look like to integrate the sensing of cosmic love into how we relate with ourselves, each other, and the larger planet and cosmic whole? 

    In explaining why integration matters, you may also understand what it is. But, let me tell you a little bit more about integration work.

    Integration work is where you embody the insight, the knowledge, or the learning.

    Integration allows for the awareness to not only be intellectual – i.e. something that we know, but don’t live out in our day-to-day.

    Integration is where we take all parts and make them into a cohesive and harmonious whole. By embodying, or integrating, you allow the insight, the knowledge, the learning to permeate everything and everyone you come into contact with. 

    Integration allows our insights to move through us and impact the larger system we are a part of – i.e., our communities, our organizations, our families, our economies, etc..  

    Integration is quickly becoming something that more and more of us are talking about. It comes out of Mathematics, and then it was a thing in psychedelic therapy – where therapists speak of integrating the journey. 

    Now, let us integrate our spiritual knowings into our lives. 

    Let’s integrate our spiritual experiences into how we live our lives in grounded, wise, embodied, and relational ways.

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