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How To Self Care

    Self care is something that is unique to each of us. It is a discipline that we can adopt and practice …regularly and often.

    As our world becomes increasingly chaotic with COVID, restrictions, financial and economical fears, climate change worries, biodiversity collapse, diversity issues, racial inequalities, … and so many, hope that gets my point across. I feel my own system becoming activated creating this list. So…

    Alright, phew, one out of the way…

    These are some of my absolutely favourite ways to do self-care for myself. So, enjoy!

    Self-care can be mental, like journalling.Journal…in a beautiful notebook, on your computer, or in a note app on your phone.

    journal for self care

    Solitude can be extremely healing, whether that be sitting by the window with your self and a cup of yumminess (I’m thinking hot cocoa, but pick your own). Practicing mindfulness can also be potentially beneficial.

    meditate for self care
    routines for self care

    Sensual, physical things can be extremely beneficial for self-care. Things to do with touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.

    Or, set up your space with things that you adore. These can be objects from your family that remind you of your ancestors and culture, or favourite trinkets from travelling. Just remember the five senses that you want to interact with: sight, smell, touch, sound, … I’m not so sure about taste tho… I’ll let you figure that out for yourself!

    Ultimately, self-care is extremely individual to each person. We must all navigate our own way with bringing it into our lives. It is necessary and highly beneficial for us to become resources, resilient, peaceful individuals in this crazy world.

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