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Canada: Your mask of peace has crumbled.

    Show your shadows of oppression.

    As I journeyed this morning first into Dr. Clarissa’s Pinkola Estes’ words: 

    “Do not lose heart. We were made for these times.”

    It’s beautiful that we are working on ourselves… looking at our shadows, to integrate, to become that which we already are as mothers, partners, children, sisters, friends, and citizens of this world.

    As we look at our shadows, let’s look at the collective shadow of Canada in this video that took place yesterday morning.. a video of RCMP invading unceded Wet’suwet’en territory to facilitate construction of the Coastal Gaslink pipeline. The video brought tears to my eyes and shivers down my body as I listened to a woman’s pleading cries, “You are hurting us.” The truth of how much we are hurting each other resonated with my being and how much we really all just want to be loved and love in return.  

    Watch the video here: 

    We are all hurting. Our planet is hurting. We all know it, and maybe we’ve pushed it off into the shadow as we work, breath, play, meditate, and do and be in all of our complex ways. 

    We use the tools of these people to journey, their drums to lead us into expanded states of consciousness, their wisdom with spirit guides, their rituals with sage, feather fans in ceremonies, to name a few of their medicines… maybe we can take a moment and be in solidarity with them as they stand to protect our world. Maybe not. And if not, I ask you to look deeply of your belief that we are all one for what is done to the other is done to you. 

    The spiritual shadow is strong with this one. How many of us have attended a ‘shamanic journey’ by a privileged white person? How many of us use sage in our ceremonies? How many of us bow down to the life force that runs through all of us and call us to action for the state of our humanity or simply seek the energetic high after an Ecstatic Dance? 

    How many of us have connected to our spirit animals and forgotten those we need to thank for these practices? How disassociated are we as spiritual beings from the energetic force that runs through all of us? 

    I ask you to feel the love in my words. I am not here to spread fear. I am here to spread love. 

    The invitation is for you to ground your love fully in your being and allow that to pour through conscientiously into your doings in this realm. 

    Do not hide from yourself and the world, dear one. 

    Face yourself bravely. And listen to your heart, what is your heart calling out to you? How is your heart whispering for you to be in this loving universe? 

    You may simply choose to watch this video and allow the human in you to connect with the humans here, not out of blame or judgement, but out of a place of love for those we may label victims and perpetrators. Let’s see them in their humanness. 

    Or you may like the FB page: 

    Or you may donate:

    Or you may donate to their legal fund specifically:

    Or sign the pledge: 

    Or call your embassies, your governmental representatives if you are “Canadian”: 

    Or look at their Wet’suwet’en Supporter Toolkit 2020:

    Whatever you do, be the love that you know you are and let that force shine through.

    Thank you and blessings to you as you are being.