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Reimagining Wholeness,
Integrity, and Authenticity

This is a private 1:1 container for intense personal transformation.

I’m in deep service to the movements of transformation,

which weave through appropriate expansions and contractions.

I’m taking everything that I’ve personally experienced in self and via other…

I’m taking everything that I’ve learned via my academic studies and explorations…

I’m taking all and offering it in a unique container for your transformation, if you are ready to dedicate energy to yourself.


Intensive 1:1 Support


True & Authentic Transformation

This is for you if you are feeling

lost, insecure, and disconnected.

You feel like there’s a heavy veil of ‘darkness’ that is holding you in a stuck place.

Perhaps this might be showing up for with: sleeping issues, anxiety, stress, depressive thoughts, relationship issues, confusion about life, and/or feelings of chronic lifelessness.

Perhaps you’ve forgotten who you are.

Or, you don’t like who you’ve become.

It might be challenging to trust your own decisions.

You can see the trajectory of where you’re heading, and you want to

This is where I come in.

Is this for you?
You are ready to…

· experience long-term change.
· feel calm, grounded, and energized.
· connect to unparalleled support with 1:1 work.
· dedicate time, energy, and money toward your own evolution.
· discover and live from your deep, authentic, wild self.
· learn and practice tools and strategies to heal.
· enter into the flow of life.
· increase interest in life and living.
· self-actualize.
· experience a variety of modalities and tools at the cutting edge of transformation practices (trust me – I’m doing a Master’s in this!)


The Container

  • 4-month intensive
  • Four 60-minute 1:1 sessions per month
  • Unlimited in-between text & voice messages for support
  • Psycho-educational material (videos, readings)

About Your Guide

Andra has moulded her work with people based on her lived experiences.

She has moved out of depressive thoughts and levels of 'deadness' and 'darkness' through the practices and techniques that she now shares with other people.

She has arrived to a life of peace, trust, connection, and gratitude… which is in constant movement via expansions and contractions.

The work is never really done, but there is increased capacity, resilience, and support to pull self out of the darkness.

Andra has been consciously on the path of transformation for 10 years. Though, really, she has been in a dance with the energy of transformation for as long as she can remember. An auspicious phenomenon catapulted her onward 5 years ago. Since then, she has transitioned out of her work solely with meditation and yoga, to encompass a more holistic system of transformation. She blends old mystical practices with current scientific knowings.

Each container that is created is unique for the being(s) that show up.She holds it loosely, with deep reverence, bowing to the act of co-creation that is constantly in an act of emergence and collapse.

She holds a briefcase of trainings, alongside currently completing a M.Sc. in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology at John Moore's University and working on a professional degree in Transpersonal Counselling with the Clearmind Institute.

She is wholly devoted to her own work and process, which feeds and supports her work with people.




Jungian – individuation








Mindfulness meditation

Neuro-linguistic programming


2nd year counselling student

2nd year M.Sc. in Consciousness


Dance therapy

Sound healing



I do not diagnose.

I do not work with people on medication.

I do not work with people who are experiencing severe mental illness.


“Andra is mindful, intuitive, and passionate. So far we’ve had 6 sessions and she’s coached me through some very difficult times. Her coaching has helped me tap into my higher consciousness, and be more mindful. I’ve been able to recognize unhealthy patterns and transform my linear thinking into a more holistic thinking style that allows growth. After every session I feel revived and most importantly closer to my authentic self! Highly recommend 🙂 ”


Teacher, Turkey

“Andra came to my life as the magical being that she is, in the perfect timing, bringing a sense of community, meaning and sacred space to the crazy Bangkok. I needed to commute for 2 hours to get to her kundalini dance class every week and I didn’t miss any session (nobody in the group did) in the 7 weeks. I loved how she hold the space for us to go deep. She is profoundly committed to her spiritual growth and you can feel that in anything she does. I would totally recommend working with her!!!!”


Astrologer, Thailand

We work top-down (cognitive, mind approaches) and bottom-up (somatic, body approaches) to instil true and authentic transformation.

You can transform.

Let me guide you out of your stuck-ness

to a life of increasing connection and aliveness.

Sounds great!

So what is the cost?

4 Payments of


Per Month

Prices in USD

One-time Payment


20% Discount
when you pay in full.

Prices in USD

Drop in … is this a soul “yes” for you?

“When Andra returned from her travels, I was hoping to expand my family. I had two pregnancies that were not viable and I was pregnant with my third pregnancy. This was an anxious time for me. I was trying to not hold stress in my body, knowing if it was meant to be it would be while also trying to remain optimistic. Something that did not feel easy to do. Andra was there to listen to my fears, encourage me to stay present and to believe in the power of my body. Andra is able to listen without judgement, asks before offering advice, understands how the body and the mind are interconnected, is open about her own struggles and is someone who brings a calm and caring nature to those she meets. When I describe her to people who haven’t met her, I say she is my ‘wise woman’ friend. I recently gave birth to my second child, Andra helped connect me with a variety of doulas, one that we picked who supported us through the wonderful labour of our child. For those that are seeking her services, you will be in caring but honest hands. ~Nicola

Andra is a lovely coach. Very intuitive, combining her various disciplines, whether it be NLP or energy work, into her coaching to make it even more effective. She intuitively helps you to explore your challenges… ~Ronal

Andra is very intuitive, great listener. Highly focus and effective coach. She intuitively helps me to explore my complex challenges and allow my self-awareness to have arrive a spiritual breakthrough. ~Henry

Great experience! Andra is intuitive and compassionate. I like working with Andra. I feel like I can talk to her like to no other. ~Olja

Andra is a very kind and caring person. She asks important questions and is very encouraging. So thankful to have the support… ~Aida

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Don’t fret, I’m here to support your transformation in the most loving way.